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Aluminum Angle Berms

Question: I am looking for a HDPE spill berm that I can use on my site underneath tanks and some larger vehicles. In particular, I am looking for the ones that contain the metal sides. Do you have these? If so, what sizes are available?

spill containment bermAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! The spill berm you are referring to is typically called the aluminum angle spill berm. This berm has been made out of several different berm liner materials, including HDPE. These liners come equipped with side wall pockets where aluminum angles can be easily put in place to form a metal, rigid barrier around tanks, pumps, pipes, and even underneath vehicles.

These secondary containment berms are designed to catch liquid from leaks, spills, or other loose materials, preventing theses liquids from contaminating your site.

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The aluminum angle secondary containment berm is designed for complete control of materials in your area and typically includes several features to help contain, control, and prevent liquids from hitting or polluting the environment. Features include:

Berm Liner: The liner material that makes up this berm is typically made from highly resistant fabrics. These fabrics generally contain a resistance to either hydrocarbons, oil, and many other types of chemicals. Liner material includes a 40 mil HDPE.

Aluminum Angles: The aluminum angles on these berms are placed into side pockets located on the outer berm wall. These aluminum brackets feature a 90° berm angle and are made from 6061/T6 aluminum bars. These bars will fit into the pockets to form a side and bottom wall.

Storage Bag: This portable spill berm typically comes in a storage bag that allows customers to quickly transport the berm to new locations. This has allowed berms to be quickly installed on sites in times of needs.

In addition to being highly resistant to several different chemicals and hazardous materials, these spill berms also feature a drive through ability. This means that the berm is able to support vehicles being driven directly onto the unit, allowing large items to remain completely contained. This can be achieved by removing the aluminum bars on one end of the berm. This allows that side of the HDPE spill berm to be lowered and driven over.

This 40 mil spill berm has been used to store:

  • Frac Tanks
  • Vehicles
  • Storage Tanks
  • 55 gallon Drums
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Materials
  • Hazmat Materials

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.