Industrial Secondary Containment Berms

For Machinery, Tanks, Vehicles and Industrial Storage

Industrial Secondary Containment Berms are a flexible spill containment option for any facility, construction site secondary containment bermwarehouse or work area handling hazardous materials. Great for quick placement under spills, leaks, machinery, storage tanks or work tools, these berms work as a complete barrier to contain and control liquids.

Standard Spill Berms are constructed in models that offer aluminum angle walls, foam walls or a combination of both. Aluminum Angle Wall Berms are perfect for long term containment or items with potentially large containment needs. By contrast, Foam and Drive Through Berms are a quick response option for areas with moving equipment or vehicles. Regardless of the model, all berms can provide needed storage to meet secondary containment requirements for your site.

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  • Berm Models:
    • Aluminum Angle Walls
    • Foam Walls
    • Aluminum Angle Side Walls/Foam Wall End Walls
  • Material Options:
    • PVC
    • LLDPE
    • Elvaloy
    • XR-5 (or equivalent)
    • Urethane


  • High Resistance to Various Chemicals
  • Ability to Drive Vehicles Directly onto the Unit
  • Forms Containment Around Products
  • Contains Liquids if Necessary
  • Quick Containment for Under Valves
  • Ground Protection for Tanks
  • Pump Secondary Containment
  • Specific Valve or Connection Protection


How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

For most sites, secondary containment requirements are based on regulations and requirements issued by the EPA. Most requirements can be found in the CFR list of regulatory requirements. Depending on your location and containment items, this may include products to help contain 110% the volume of the container or items to help keep floors clean and dry.


Aluminum Angle Industrial Secondary Containment Berms
Technical Specifications

Width (ft)  Length (ft)  Height (ft)
8' 8' 1'
10' 10' 1'
10' 24' 1'
12' 12' 1'
12' 20' 1'
12' 26' 1'
12' 36' 1'
12' 50' 1'
12' 60' 1'
12' 70' 1'
14' 45' 1'
14' 54' 1'
15' 66' 1'

Foam Wall Industrial Secondary Containment Berms
Technical Specifications

Width (ft)  Length (ft)  Height (ft)
10' 20' 4'
10' 25' 4'
12' 30' 4'
12' 50' 4'
12' 75' 4'

Industrial secondary containment berms are a great alternative to a ground liner as they can provide you with full support around your entire machine, vehicle, or work area. Berms can be made in a wide range of sizes to meet secondary containment or storage requirements.

In addition to increased side walls, one of the main advantages to the foam wall spill containment berms is their ability to be directly driven over. This allows larger options, such as tankers or machinery, to safely access and sit in the containment area.


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