Oil Spill Berms for Containment

Secondary Spill Berms for Oil Spills

Question: I am interested in oil spill berms for containment of spill related products. I am ideally looking for something that I can place under a vehicle and under a tank. The vehicle berm I need to catch oil while I am fixing a part, the tank I require secondary containment. Is there a berm that could work for both?

spill containment bermAnswer: For secondary containment under vehicles or tanks, there are a couple of different berm options you could consider. All berms are made with a high resistance liner that is equipped to handle contact with chemicals, fuel, oil and other potentially hazardous materials. Choosing a berm depends on your site specific requirements, available storage area, and containment requirements.

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Spill Berm Options

The Aluminum Angle Spill Berm is a favorite for secondary spill containment and features extremely rigid spill bermwalls and setup for containment of liquids or other spill response items. These berms offer fast setup and can even be used underneath a tanker or other potentially leaky vehicle.

Extremely similar in design and storage capacity is the Foam Wall Berm with air wall sides. This berm offers the same level of resistance and storage with the added ability to be easily driven over. This helps to easily place larger vehicles on top of the containment area without having to remove or maneuver walls.

The table below is designed to offer a quick comparison between these oil spill berms for containment. This might help to provide you with additional information that can help choose between the products.

Foam Wall Berm/Air Wall Sides
Foam Wall Berm
Aluminum Angle Berm
1 ft.
4 inches
1 ft.
Foam placement, air filling
Foam placement
Aluminum angle bracket installation
Drive Through
Drive directly over foam wall. Will pop back up.
Drive directly over foam wall. Will pop back up
Remove angles from one wall and then drive over. Replace angles after vehicles is in place.

foam wall bermAs seen above, the foam wall berm (shown right) offers an incredibly low profile and is designed for secondary containment under vehicles or other parts that may require work. They are ideal for catching small oil leaks or drips that occur during the process. They are also great for placing tools.

If you require a berm that can offer an additional capacity for liquids, the other Secondary Containment Berms can be a good option. These berms will have a wall of about one foot, giving ample height for containing liquids and leaks.

While any of these oil spill berms for containment can be used for both vehicles and tanks, some options might be better than others. For instance, if you will be using this berm to help comply with secondary containment for tanks, you will want to make sure that the berm has a capacity of 110% the amount of your tank. The 1 ft. wall berms may be a better option here as they have a much higher containment wall for higher capacities.

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