Portable Spill Berms

Spill Containment Berms for Tankers

portable spill bermsQuestion: We have been asked to find portable spill berms for tankers. We often send 18 wheelers to an onsite location during power and utility outages and storm relief efforts after hurricanes. I have never heard of such a device, do you know if it exists? It would need to store 7,800 gallons.

Answer: There is a product called a portable spill berm that you could use for temporary containment around 18 wheelers. There are a couple of different options to consider, but a great choice would be the Multi-Purpose Spill Containment Berm. This berm is easily portable and includes the use of aluminum angle brackets that are inserted directly into the berm wall to form a solid temporary containment system.

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Choosing Portable Spill Berms for Tanker Truck Containment

truck spill containment18-wheelers travel extensively, hauling freight and bringing emergency supplies, stopping in at trucking terminals along the way. These trucks need to be cleaned and serviced, which sometimes means containing hazardous materials that spill into the surrounding areas.

To keep in compliance, avoiding unnecessary and harmful spills, a truck spill containment berm is needed. We have several options for portable spill berms:

  • Aluminum Angle Berm
  • Foam Wall Berm
  • Combination Drive Through Berm

When it comes to containing large vehicles like 18-wheelers, using a portable spill berm with a large capacity is ideal. This portable spill berm with the largest capacity will be the aluminum angle berm.

Aluminum Angle Berm Sizing

temporary containment systemThe Aluminum Angle Berm comes in several standard sizes, as well as larger capacities for site-specific specifications. The aluminum angle berm is a highly flexible product that can be used for multiple storage situations and capacities. In terms of tanker truck spill containment, the aluminum angle berm is a great choice because of its large capacity.

Aluminum angle berms are designed to allow for 110 percent of containment.

The largest size shown for these berms on our site is a unit that measures fifteen feet by sixty-six feet by one foot in height (15' x 66' x 1'). This would give you about 990 cubic feet inside the berm, which should be about 7,400 gallons. Berm liners can be made with different materials depending on what liquids and spill need to be contained.

Liner options include:

  • PVC
  • Elvaloy
  • Polyurethane

This is slightly smaller than the capacity you requested, but the berm would only have to be altered a couple of more feet both ways to achieve your required amount.

Aluminum Angle Portability

The aluminum angle containment berm is considered highly portable due to its lightweight nature and ability to be taken apart. Typically when a berm arrives at your location, it will be separated into the following parts:

  • Berm Material
  • Aluminum Angle Brackets (90°)

This means that berm can be folded and will lie flat when in storage or when being transported. Once the berm is in its desired location, angles can be inserted into the walls of the berm through the side pockets. These pockets are sewn into the side wall of the portable spill berms for tankers.

The portability of the berm adds to its appeal for tanker containment. Because 18-wheelers travel so often, having a portable, easy-to-transport berm is helpful when traveling across the country. Drivers will be able to take the berm with them, when going somewhere where containment is necessary but not available.

Aluminum Angle Berm's Drive Through Ability

drive through containment bermsOne of the many desirable qualities about the aluminum angle spill berm is its versatility. To make the aluminum angle spill berm able to handle cars driving through it for temporary containment purposes just requires a bit of adjustment during the berm installation process.

To get your tankers onto this berm, remove the angles from one side of the wall. This will allow that wall to lie flat so that vehicles can be driven directly over top it. Aluminum angle berms can also be outfitted with heavy duty angle brackets for increased stability.

Portable spill berms for tankers help keep your business in compliance when having to send 18-wheelers out on the road. Our truck spill containment berms are equipped to handle fuels, oils, different types of chemicals and water. To enhance the berm's temporary containment, we also provide berm runners, ground mats, wear pads, repair kits, and replacement brackets for our berms.

See our Spill Containment Berm Overview for more information.

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