Portable Spill Containment Berm

Multi-Purpose Drive Through Berm

Question: I am looking for a portable spill containment berm that I can place under trucks to take with me to sites. Do you have anything like this?

spill containment bermAnswer: One of the most effective and economical options for portable spill containment is a Secondary Spill Containment Berm. Constructed with aluminum angle walls, foam walls, or a combination of both, these berms are designed for transport and easy setup. Often rolled or folded up, berms can be easily moved around sites, to needed spill locations, or to and from different sites to meet the requirements of your location.

Portable spill berms are made in a wide range of sizes including both standard and custom sizing options. For more information, check out our Spill Berm Variety.

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How the Portable Spill Berm Works

To create a flexible exterior, portable spill containment berms are built in a couple of different styles that allow for easy rolling or folding of the berm. Depending on the model chosen, spill berms can be rolled up with the wall intact or folded up on their own.

Foam Wall Berms

foam wall bermDesigned for easy transportation and quick response, one of the easiest berms to transport is the Foam Wall Berm. These berms will feature 4", 6", or 8" diameter foam that has been sew into the walls of the berm. When used for transportation, the entire berm (including the foam walls) can be rolled up into a compact roll. These rolls can then be tied together to keep their shape and create an easy transportation package.

Aluminum Angle Berms

Built with the same high strength liners used for the foam wall berms, Aluminum Angle Berms will feature one important difference. Rather than having the foam sewn into the walls of the liners, aluminum angle berms will feature removable angle brackets that can be placed in and out of the pockets on the berm. Once removed, loose angle brackets can be placed in storage bags, while the berm liner can be quickly folded up for easy transportation.

spill containment bermIncluded with each of the angle berms will be the following items:

  • Aluminum Angle Brackets
  • High Resistance Liner
  • Storage Bag

In order to create this containment wall, each aluminum angle berm liner will feature a series of pockets that have been sewn into the surrounding walls. Aluminum angles (typically featuring an L design) will have the top part of the L placed into the pockets of the berm and bottom of the L placed underneath the liner. This will work to create a rigid wall structure around the berm.

Other Spill Berm Options

spill bermPortable spill containment berms are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and models including the following:

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