Secondary Containment for Tractor Trailers

Drive Through Containment Berms

Question: I am looking for secondary containment for tractor trailers. We currently are using a small concrete berm that is around the truck's manifold, but the state wants for us to use a berm that will encompass the entire truck. The largest compartments one of these trailers will have is 3400 gallons, so I would need the berm to be able to hold at least that much. Do you have anything economical that could be used in this location?

Aluminum Angle Spill Berm

Answer: For secondary containment under tractor trailers, one option you could consider is one of our drive throughaluminum angle containment berm berms. These berms are ideal for vehicles and mobile machinery, and are designed to allow these items to be driven directly onto the unit for complete containment during the event of a spill.

If you are looking for 110% containment of your liquids to meet various secondary containment requirements, you will need to find a berm that can hold 3740 gallons. When converted into volume, this will mean your berm should have a volume of approximately 500 cubic feet. In terms of standard berm sizes, the best option for this type of containment might be our 12' x 50' berm model (approximately 600 cubic feet).

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Drive Through Berm Options

In addition to offering a wide range of berm sizes, we also offer multiple berm styles that can be used for foam wall spill berm containing and controlling liquids. Choosing a berm can depend on preference, your location, or your desired storage applications. For drive through models, berm types include the following:

Aluminum Angle Berms: The aluminum angle berm is one of our most rigid and reliable secondary containment options. Aluminum angle berms feature a liner material that contains walls with built-in areas for placing the aluminum angles. Aluminum angles from the entrance wall can be taken down and then replaced to allow vehicles to be driven onto the unit and then contained.

Foam Wall Spill Berms: If your vehicles are constantly driven on and off the berm, another option you might consider is the foam wall berm. This berm places foam inside the walls of the berm. Foam walls can be driven over directly without the need for lowering or removing parts. Foam walls are designed to bounce back after being driven over.

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