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Secondary Spill Berms

The spill berm is an economical containment system designed to store multiple liquids including frac liquids, fuels, hydrocarbons and chemicals. Berms are constructed from different materials and styles to help with various storage requirements on your site. Our main spill containment models include the following:

spill berm berm

Drive Through Berms

Foam Wall Berm
secondary containment berm

spill containment berms

Aluminum Angle Berm

Tank Protection

Berm Applications:

  • Frac Tanks
  • Vehicles
  • Tank Containment
  • Drum Storage
  • Decon Efforts
  • HAZMAT Cleanup
  • Machinery Storage
  • Quick Spill Cleaup
  • Small Part Storage
  • Car Dealership Work
  • Hydraulic Lines/Valves

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What is a Containment Berm?

A spill containment berm is essentially a containment liner that includes the use of walls. Thus, rather than having to build and line containment areas, the berm creates an all-in-one liner that can sit underneath your tank and contain liquids in the event of a spill. spill containment berms

Typicall wall models we offer for our berms include aluminum angle walls (standard wall height of 1' with up to 4' available) as well as foam walls (4", 6", or 8" in height). Depending on your requirements, berms can also be made with foam wall ends and aluminum angle wall sides.

What Can a Spill Containment Berm Hold?

Spill berms are designed for temporary storage of various liquid materials. The typical goal for each of these berms is to catch leaks or spills that may occur during storage of a tank or drum. Typical liquids that you will find these berms using include the following:

  • Fuels (Diesel, Jet A and more)
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Gray Water

Material Options

Materials for these berms can vary depending on the type of berm you are looking for and the products you are needing to store. Different materials have included:

  • Reinforced PVC
  • XR-5 (or equivalent)
  • Urethane

These materials are all designed for a high level of strength and compatibility with multiple liquids. All of these materials are designed for a high level of strength and durability for multiple applications. Some of the most common applications you will find these berms being used in have included the following:

  • Frac Tank Containment
  • Drum and Tank Spill Control
  • Vehicle Secondary Containment
  • Spill Control under Machinery
  • Decontamination of Cleanup Materials
  • HAZMAT Cleaning Operations

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