OX Secondary ContainmentDrive Through Spill Berms

Secondary Containment for Vehicles and Wheeled Equipment

spill bermsOx Drive Through Spill Berms provide essential containment for any location dealing with moving parts, vehicles, or machinery. Featuring easy access entrance walls, our berms have ends low enough for vehicles to drive directly into a berm area without any adjustments or alterations. They are ideal for areas that require fast, easy, and hassle-free installation.

Construction of the drive through berms uses a combination of foam and aluminum angle walls. Self-rising foam walls are located on the entrance and exit walls of the berm, while one-foot high angle walls line are along the length. Fabric options includes LLDPE, Polyurethane, XR-5/Elvaloy (or equivalent), and PVC, depending on the liquid compatibility and containment requirements in your location.

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Spill Berm Features

Spill Berm Benefits

  • Self Rising Foam Walls for Quick Drive Through Entry
  • Walls Rise as the Area Fills with Liquid
  • Durable Construction
  • Will not Rust or Corrode
  • Compatible with a Range of Chemicals
  • Self-Adjusts to Changing Liquid Levels
  • Storage Bag Available

Spill Berm Applications

drive through berms
  • Truck and Auto Wash Down Area
  • Decontamination Pool
  • IBC and Frac Tank Containment
  • Steel and Poly Drum Spill Containment
  • Installation Under Leaking Equipment

Fabric Compatibility

  • Oil and Other Hydrocarbons
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Coolant
  • Diesel and Jet A
  • Various Chemicals and Corrosives
  • Gray / Contaminated Water
  • Hazardous Waste

Drive Through Spill Berm Technical Specifications

Liner Options Dimensions (L x W x H) Capacity*
22 oz. PVC
30 oz. PVC
XR-5 (or equivalent)
10' x 10' x 1' (3 m x 3 m x 0.3 m) 748 Gallons (2831 L)
12' x 12' x 1' (3.7 m x 3.7 m x 0.3 m) 1,077 Gallons (4077 L)
12' x 26' x 1' (3.7 m x 7.9 m x 0.3 m) 2,334 Gallons (8835 L)
12' x 36' x 1' (3.7 m x 10.9 m x 0.3 m) 3,232 Gallons (12,234 L)
12' x 50' x 1' (3.7 m x 15.2 m x 0.3 m) 4,488 Gallons (16,989 L)
14' x 54' x 1' (4.3 m x 16.5 m x 0.3 m) 5,655 Gallons (21,406 L)
15' x 50' x 1' (4.6 m x 15.2 m x 0.3 m) 5,610 Gallons (21,236 L)
15' x 66' x 1' (4.6 m x 20.1 m x 0.3 m) 7,406 Gallons (28,035 L)

*Listed capacities are designed as an estimate only. Actual capacities will vary depending on slopes in your location, items being stored, and liquids being contained in the berm.

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Questions about spill berms or other secondary containment protection? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.